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"Transformative healing to restore body, mind and soul"



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What is the Santini Model of Holistic Sexuality? 

It's  a teaching program on sexuality based on the understanding of Sexual Energy, the recognition of ideas and beliefs about sex and pleasure, the understanding of stored emotions, the balance of masculine and feminine, and the spiritual mystical experience of the sexuality.

Programs & Workshops 

  • Sex & Spirituality Workshop

  • Sexual Activation Program

  • Online Sessions


"The experience during the workshop Sexuality and Spirituality for me was wonderful. This new information opened my mind and heart to begin to develop my sexuality from a place more connected with my being, with another consciousness. I felt very comfortable with all the exercises. It opened me up to the idea of ​​continuing to delve into the subject and learn more. I am very grateful to Jeniffer for sharing all this wisdom.. Thank you, thank you.. Olenka Olijnyk


Jeniffer Castillo

Ayurvedic Therapist

Holistic Sexuality Facilitator  

Santini Model. 

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