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How to make Love in the New Age

Because we are in a culture that has been under the religious influence that repressed pleasure, we are not going to judge that, simply it was just that way, we got used to sexuality being experienced more as a release from a tension that is built, there will be always a tension that is going to build in the body, a tension that will ask for relief directly in the genitals, and a need to unite in two bodies, that calling is always in us... it can be ravishing, it can be mysterious, it could be uncomfortable but is always there.

Then if nobody teaches you anything, you act in the most instinctive way, and there are certain areas in the body that have a lot of energy, a magnetic energy that we call "erogenous zones" and they take the leading role of that instinct. So we seek to connect the mouths, then we connect with the breast and then the genitals, if you start to see practically this is how the sexual encounter has been modeled most of the time, that makes the encounter very fast, since all that intensity is quickly relieved through very strong stimulus.

Certainly, that is not the art of love, that is how to alleviate hunger and what is really awakening thanks to a number of processes that are occurring at this time in humanity, is the need to cultivate the Art of love.

The first thing that is happening is that we are losing the fear of sex, we are losing the fear of talking about it, the taboo is disappearing, dissolving and therefore we can all speak now, compare and see what we have lived and ask ourselves if there is something else...

And here, questions begin to be generated that did not exist before because everything was so repressed.

The second important thing that has happened is that the woman is beginning to recognize herself sexually, because of the two, man and woman, the woman was the one who was worse, the one who was more repressed, the most asleep, the most blocked from the sexual point of view, both by ignorance of herself and her body, because it could not be explored, the religious influence said: you can not build pleasure, that is wrong, so sexual encounters were very short, purposely, so no pleasure is built.

So the woman, who has different rhythms, and has a different energetic design, felt frustrated most of the time, therefore she did not recognise herself sexually but that is changing...

Also as a product of that liberation and the awakening of the feminine, now the questions are being answered and women are beginning to be much more aware of their sexuality and new needs are also beginning to appear in that sexual encounter, for both men and women.

And the last part is that we are opening ourselves to the knowledge of sexual energy, because is the cultivation of sexual energy what allows us to live transcendental experiences through sexuality.

All these things are making us change.

How can we recognise these possibilities ??? It looks like every day there is a search for more intense experiences…

Precisely this awakening is making possible to speak about many things, now it is becoming possible to speak freely about the different sexual orientations and gender identities, also understanding that each human being is also on an individual search and trying to find himself in his own diversity.

Another important point to mention is that when you lose a lot of sexual energy through addiction to sex or pornography you become very influential, disempowered, you weaken your entire energetic and mental system is affected.

There is an element of energy that is real, and we cannot be asleep and pretend that we are not interested. It is a subject that is worth studying, recognising and putting it at the service of our beloved with whom we want to cultivate a relationship with.

The art of loving requires training, study and an effort to allow space for pleasure to be cultivated

Another paradigm that has to change is for the man to get out of his instinctive sexual impulse and learn to control his energy and educate himself.

And what does the woman have to do?

To heal, to heal their sexuality, to awaken their sexuality, to be present in their body, to heal all those memories.

Deep work shows us that there are even areas of the vulva that are anesthetized, that are asleep and all that due to painful personal memories, transgenerational memories store in our mental, physical and emotional bodies which represent a blockage for the energy to flow freely.

According to the Santini Model of Holistic Sexual Education, what would be the reading of the search for sexual experiences such as threesomes, orgies and experimentations of this type?

It all has to do with the level of consciousness,

When we are facing these sexual practices of all kinds, we are facing processes and experiences that have to be lived, because we are not going to make judgments about that, they are people who need those experiences to lead them into their own realisations, what is a common factor in all this search is a desire that it is not being satisfied, a longing, a void.

Because in reality where that emptiness is going to be satisfied is when you dissolve the separation and return to unity.

What does sexuality do?

We spiritually come from the ocean of love that is at the beginning of everything, which according to the creation mythology that you choose is going to be called the primordial emptiness, the nothing that becomes everything, the initial one, so in the beginning there was only one thing.

From there we detached ourselves, a light detached and we separated ourselves from that source and since then we always want to return to the source and therefore human sexuality is the experience to return to the source, the experience of returning home, represents one path to experience it.

And how much you can experience this is going to depend on how much intimacy, how much the heart opens between those two people.

So if you are having a threesome, you are enjoying the physical and mental pleasure of it, you are in the adrenaline rush of the unusual, of the rare, thus there is an intensity that is very attractive but that will not fully fill the void, the void will fill with the experience of melting into one, two that become one, everything in between is going to be interfering.

Sexuality has been changing now at the collective level is reaching the heart, we are rising to the quantum level as a collective mass to the level of the heart so we are going to require intimacy, we are going to require that meditative place, that space of trust, of talking, of looking into each other's eyes, of caressing each other, of finding pleasure for a long time so that the vessel is built to dissolve duality and takes us home and where we are and feel very, very satisfied.

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