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Holistic Sexuality 

Holistic Sexuality

Holistic Sexuality presents a comprehensive approach to sexuality where the different dimensions of being and their connection to sex are taken into account.


Sexuality is a multidimensional experience since it is lived through the pleasure of the physical body, the ideas that it awakens and the beliefs that shape it, the emotions that emerge and the spiritual transcendency  that it represents.

The traditional approach to the study of sexuality addresses the physical dimension and some mental and emotional aspects.


The Holistic Sexuality approach opens a new vision and takes into account new lines of knowledge such as the understanding of Sexual Energy, the emotional memories stored in the body, the balance of masculine and feminine essence, and the spiritual mystical experience of sexuality.

This work with sexuality taking into account its multidimensionality has been shown to facilitate a loving and powerful trasnformation of consciousness that impacts the whole Being. 


Humanity is undergoing profounds changes in all areas of its existence. 

Politics, economics, psychology, medicine, everything is transforming and sexuality is not far behind. 

The understanding of Holistic Sexuality is the result of this new awareness, of the change in the way life is focused today. It is the integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit in the way sexuality is lived. 

Getting you started our programs will transfroms the way of living sexuality, turning it into a trascendental experience in which any opportunity for sexual pleasure with oneself or with another person is an opportunity for expansion of consciousness, mystical experience and spiritual revelation. 


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