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 Effects of   Conscious Cultivation of
Sexual Energy

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Effects of Unlocking and Concious Cultivation of Sexual Energy

The activation and conscious cultivation of Sexual Energy produces a series of effects in the human being that contribute to facilitate its expansion and evolution process.

We see it manifest in the following ways:

Being more Visible to Others

Releasing the blocks produced by negative beliefs and painful memories associated with sex and pleasure makes the person more visible to others.

It can be easily explained by comparing the human being to a 100 watt light bulb. Having the sexual energy blocked is equivalent to being lighting an intensity of 40 watts even if the capacity is 100 watts.

As the person is freed from negative beliefs and memories regarding sex and pleasure, an increase in the energy available in their technology occurs and it is an almost immediate effect that others begin to notice their presence. 

The individual also take their place of presence in the world in which it operates where until now it seemed invisible.

Greater Ability to Precipitate The Manifestation of your Creation.

Once there is more Sexual Energy flowing in human technology, either by simply releasing beliefs or painful memories associated with sex and pleasure, or by the conscious cultivation of Sexual Energy, the person begins to notice that it is easier than the projects or ideas that were already in your consciousness but that could not become concrete, begin to materialise.

This is reflected for instance in achieving a trip that had already been visualized but that had not been able to happen, a promotion at work, an artistic project, a course that he wanted to give, a text that he had in mind but could not capture.

Sexual Energy is the energy of creation and therefore it is required to materialize what is already created in the subtle field but has not been able to materialize in the material field.

Hearth Expansion 

When the Sexual Energy is unblocked and consciously cultivated, this energy crosses the heart's energy center and produces an intensification of the attributes of this center which are patience, tolerance, forgiveness and unconditional love.

The movement of abundant Sexual Energy flowing through human technology and rising from the lower centers to the heart produces a more loving, empathetic human being, capable of connecting with other human beings, with nature and with the universe.

Male and female get meeting points and ways to honor and love as they are.

The expansion of the heart is manifested as greater love for couples and also that love expands and makes it possible for the person to live the experience of being one with  All as a reality.

Expansion of Consciousness 

Sexual Energy always moves from the lower energy centers to the head where the brain is located. There is always an amount of energy feeding and nurturing the brain centers.

When Sexual Energy is unlocked and cultivated by promoting its flow from bottom to top, the effect of increased Sexual Energy available manifests as increased intelligence, increased creativity, increased intuition, and an awareness of transcendence that allows you to contact spirituality.

The person feels more vital, is able to see clearly the problems that are presented to them and is more creative in the ideas to solve problems.

The vision of the problems is not only from the obvious, but the greater development of  intuition to also see what is not so obvious in the problem, giving greater possibilities of success in solving it.

Finally, the more Sexual Energy available makes  possible to open interdimensional portals that allow the human being to contact the other dimensions of existence and makes it possible for a human mind to accept that it is more than what he knows in this 3-dimensional world and that it is in reality a being connected to the Whole.

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